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Pratchett · Fanfiction

Long Live the Patrician! (G - Vimes, Vetinari)

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So, a while ago, during one of my drabble memes, my friend insertparagraph requested a "something from the Discworld."

Well, like you, I'm a huge TPratchett fan, so it didn't take anything more than that to set me off; for whatever reason, I'd been amusing myself by imagining Lord Vetinari asking Sam Vimes's advice about politics... and so I wrote — not a drabble, but the beginning of a fic.

I meant to continue it — it seemed like a fun idea — but, as with so many writing projects recently, it fell into the cobwebbed neverwhere of my hard drive...

Until today. Sitting down while waiting my lunch to warm up (Indian lentils — yum), I opened the file... and finished the fic!

Title: Long Live the Patrician!
Rating: G
Warnings: Unbeta'd. Small caps.
Length: ~3400 Words
Summary: Sam Vimes knew that nothing good waited for him at the top of the gilded stairs of the Patrician's Palace.

( Long Live the Patrician! )
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